As a news website with a global reach, Pole Star Business uses the following code of ethics consistent with its vision and values pertaining to independent journalism.

Code of Ethics

Pole Star Business supports the industry values of truthfulness, objectivity, balance and credibility. It shall not hold political or commercial gains as priorities over professional responsibilities.

We aim to obtain accurate information and distribute it freely via our online platform towards our readers’ benefit.

Treat our readers respectfully and address the many issues of a news piece with the right attention to details in order to reflect the reality of the facts that are being reported, giving great consideration to the civil tone of our reporting.

Present separate perspectives and opinions in an unbiased and impartial manner.

Recognizing mistakes whenever they appear or are reported and ensuring that they are timely corrected.

Avoiding speculative reporting and propaganda by rightly distinguishing between news content, opinions and analysis in a transparent fashion.