April is expected to be even more volatile than March for the stock market

Most of the major US indexes finished the week on a bad note, making this second quarter of 2017 even more troublesome than Q1.

10 Apr 2017 – Seeking Alpha

If we were to look at the week on its own, there was a smattering of economic data that confirmed what we’ve been saying here at Tematica

And if we continue to think that along with a challenging political climate in Washington as well as renewed political tensions with Syria and Russia, investors are questioning earnings and growth prospects more now that at the start of the quarter.

Quite a combination and just in time for 1Q 2017 earnings to kick into gear.

We shared our view on all of that in last week’s Cocktail Investing podcast episode 14 – Why the Herd Gets It Wrong.

Clearly, a must listen in our view! We also had an extra podcast episode last week in which we Chris Versace, Tematica’s Chief Investment Officer, and Lenore Hawkins, Tematica’s resident Chief Macro Strategist, talked with Hartford Funds on the state of the ETF industry, what’s fueling its growth and why risk is as important as potential upside to be had when assessing ETF strategies.

That was music to Chris and Lenore’s ears as it was a key point in their book Cocktail Investing: Distilling Everyday Noise into Clear Investment Signals for Better Returns.

Coming up on the podcast this week, Chris and Lenore speak with Sal Gilbertie, President and Chief Investment Officer of Teucrium Trading, a firm that specializes in commodities.

On the podcast, you’ll hear Sal share with Chris and Lenore why he thinks agricultural commodities like corn, wheat and soybeans should be a part of everyone’s investing portfolio.


April is expected to be even more volatile than March for the stock market

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