Mercedes X-Class: The most hi-tech utility vehicle will be on sale starting next year

Mercedes-Benz will turn the tides in their favor in the global ute market after the release of the X-Class which will be the most hi-tech and up to date in its sector.

19 Jul 2017 –

The German luxury brand will offer a range of models to suit all tastes — and budgets — starting with a fleet version with a vinyl floor, and stretching to a prestige edition with two types of leather trim and an iPad style display screen in the dash.

No show pony, the Mercedes X-Class will be the most powerful diesel in its category and have advanced safety features currently not available on any of its direct rivals.

The new X-Class is due in Australian showrooms in early 2018. Price is yet to be announced but the three-model line-up is expected to range from $40,000 to beyond $70,000, making it the most expensive ute on the market locally.

The new X-Class is on track to become the first ute sold in Australia with automatic emergency braking (up to freeway speeds), a 360-degree view camera, a high resolution iPad-style central display screen, and six interior trim options — including two types of leather.

There will be three engine choices. A Nissan-sourced twin turbo 2.3-litre four-cylinder diesel with two power options (120kw/403Nm and 140kW/450Nm) will available from launch in six-speed manual and auto guise.

A Mercedes-sourced 190kW/550Nm 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel — which tops the current power king, the VW Amarok (165kW/550Nm) – is due six months later in mid-2018 and will come solely with a seven-speed auto and permanent all-wheel-drive.

Mercedes was able to accelerate from concept to reality in a relatively short amount of time because it used the Nissan Navara ute as the foundation for the X-Class, rather than develop its own vehicle from the ground up.

Although the X-Class will be built on the same Spanish production line as the European Navara (Australian versions come from Thailand) and use Nissan four-cylinder diesel engines (with identical outputs), Mercedes has made extensive changes to the body, suspension and safety technology.

The X-Class is longer and wider than the Toyota HiLux, the Ford Ranger and the Nissan Navara — with which it shares its DNA.


Mercedes X-Class: The most hi-tech utility vehicle will be on sale starting next year

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